Healthier Food Served Differently

From centuries, Northern Indian food has always been healthier where clay oven chulha or tandoor has been an integral part of kitchen whether it’s freshly baked naan breads or meat or non-meat proteins.
Keeping good health and fast-paced life in our mind, Bowl of Karma has given a fresh twist to this timeless experience serving healthier Indian food in a sustainable packaging. Human health and planet health are connected at Bowl of Karma.

Good Food Good Karma

We are not cars, we are humans. We need food, not oil.
At Bowl of Karma, authentic taste and long-term health comes together while our guests can eat our food every day without any guilt. We use minimal oil while cooking and have taken every junk out of the food. This unique concept has broken the circle on Indian food. We serve healthier Indian food in a modern setting. At Bowl of Karma, sharing and savoring good food is a good karma.

Delicious vegetarian and Vegan

Bowl of Karma serves vegetarian and vegan options that can switch our guests from meat to meatless. Whether it’s yum veggie and vegan curries or filling handy food like naan wrap and naan pizza, guests will just yum on. Don’t forget our veggie samosas!


Using authentic and bright spices, our food has a flavor that’ll taste like food and not just spices. At Bowl of Karma, we make sure food is suitable for everyone from kids to seniors including super spicy lovers who can use our fiery karma sauce to heat things up.

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